Children Addicted To Gadgets?

Illustration of Children Addicted To Gadgets?
Illustration: Children Addicted To Gadgets?

Good morning, my child is in 8th grade in junior high school, and now he has not wanted to go to school for 2 weeks and he is lazy, after leaving home without time to hold a cellphone, what I need to ask is how I want my child to be managed when my child is in the hospital, thanks for his enlightenment ….

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Giving a gadget too early in children is very risky to cause addiction. Imagine, when still in childhood, the brain has not been able to filter out the good and bad things for him wisely. So what is pleasing to him, then that is what he will often do. And, because of this gadget addiction, the children's activities will become dormant, including being lazy at school and lazy to get along with their surroundings. Not only that, if his desire to use the gadget is not fulfilled, children can behave aggressively, so angry, rampaging, and even determined to commit criminal acts to satisfy their intentions. This is more or less influenced by the spectacle he saw on the gadget.

It is your primary responsibility as a parent to educate your child to be a better person. Even though it is difficult, you must make him aware that his actions are not appropriate. Do the following suggestions:

 Reinforce your intentions, do not be weak, be compact with your partner in applying the rules at home Encourage children to communicate well according to language that is easily understood, aware of the good and bad consequences of the actions he did. Open a discussion room, ask what he wants, and help him find a solution to it. Help the child understand, that what seems pleasant at first glance is not always good for him. Give the child a consistent schedule of activities each week. Also set the time for sleeping, studying, eating, bathing, playing, exercising, and also screen time (a maximum of 2 hours a day, including looking at gadgets, watching television). As much as possible, involve the child in making the schedule, so that he also wants to agree and obey together. Give him the right consequences for all his actions, give him rewards when doing good, and vice versa, also give him punishment for doing bad things If you are still having trouble doing the above, or if you feel your child's condition is no longer able You control, do not hesitate to consult directly with a doctor, pediatrician, or child psychologist.

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