Children Aged 19 Months Fever Up And Down?

Illustration of Children Aged 19 Months Fever Up And Down?
Illustration: Children Aged 19 Months Fever Up And Down?

In the afternoon I want to ask, my son is 19 months old last night he was hot in the morning already not hot. In the morning I took my child to the posyandu to be given vitamins When the day is hot again doc. Does vitamin affect?

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Hello Irma,

Thank you for the question.

Heat or fever is a complaint that is often experienced by children, and often makes parents worry. We understand your concern. Fever itself is a reaction of the immune system to the entry of germs into the body depending on the symptoms that accompany, such as a viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract, urinary tract, ears, and lungs. In general, fever in children is a natural thing that occurs and is relatively harmless.

To answer your question, vitamins generally do not affect fever in children, and the vitamin itself cannot reduce fever if it is not followed by administering a fever remedy. It could be that a fever that is still felt by a child is a natural course of the disease and indeed the fever is still not cured. Although a fever can resolve on its own in some time, the fever itself can be treated with a number of things, such as giving a fever-lowering syrup such as paracetamol, compressing the child's forehead with a cold compress, not dressing the child with clothes or blankets that are too thick, and making sure the child is sufficient for nutrition and the liquid.

In addition, the following things you need to consider as an indication so that you can take your child to the doctor:

 If the fever lasts more than 5 days. If the fever is more than 40 degrees Celsius. If the fever does not go down with a fever reliever. If there are signs of dehydration in a child such as a child looking thirsty, the child does not urinate more than 6 hours, the eyes of the child, or diarrhea and vomiting many times. Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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