Children Aged 2 Years 9 Months Can Not Speak?

Illustration of Children Aged 2 Years 9 Months Can Not Speak?
Illustration: Children Aged 2 Years 9 Months Can Not Speak?

morning, I want to ask. my child is 2 years 9 months but still can’t speak a single word. just call no. what if necessary something usually pulls the hand of the person beside him and his child is very active. to stimulate the speed of speaking I included it in PAUD schools. Is my child normal?

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We understand the concerns that you feel. As a parent, seeing the development of children's speech that is not in accordance with their age certainly makes the heart become anxious. Children aged 2 years 9 months or before 3 years generally have enough vocabulary, or reach 50 words / more. At that age at least children can compose 2-3 sentences, be able to say his name clearly, understand commands, body parts and colors and understand concepts that are more complicated at his age.

Speech delay can be influenced by hearing loss, lack of stimulation, disorders in the brain, autismes, mental retardation, disorders of the mouth making it difficult to articulate words, and other chronic diseases.

Every child will go through various stages of development. Of course, the development of each child is different and cannot be compared to one another. Child development has milestone in stages. For example, a 12-month-old child should be able to say some meaningful vocabulary such as calling out to mama or papa. At the age of 18 months, children are able to understand 10-20 words, mention the names of the people closest to them and are able to name the objects or objects that are indicated. At this age children have begun to be able to compose 2 words. Language development when children enter the age of 24 months / 2 years or more, vocabulary will experience a surge, children are able to make a sentence consisting of two to 3 words, understand the command and prohibition sentences, able to communicate more smoothly with people in the surrounding environment and able understand the concept of higher language according to his age.

Delay in talking to children can be a serious sign that must be immediately administered and can also be a variation of children's development that is still within reasonable limits. To be sure, it is necessary to check directly with a pediatrician to conduct a thorough evaluation related to delays in speech experienced by your child.

Early detection of speech delay is very important because it can affect children's intelligence and development. Hearing examination becomes one of the mandatory checks to be carried out, because the activity of speaking / communicating begins with a good hearing process.
Provide language stimulation that is appropriate for your child's age. More intense communication, reading stories, giving songs or songs that he can listen to can help to stimulate the language skills. If there is no development or sign involving children in PAUD is not the wrong way, but if the cause of speech delay is not known with certainty, of course it will not provide assistance for children to be able to speak and speak fluently.

Handling late talking to children generally requires multidisciplinary science, or a combination of various specialties such as pediatricians, ENT doctors, pediatric psychiatrists to physiotherapists. If the cause of the delay in talking is found, the doctor will provide various treatment options according to the cause and condition of the child.
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