Children Aged 2 Years Can Not Speak Clearly?

Morning. I want to ask, if a child aged 2y, but can not be pointed and shown, speak only a few words, but rarely said, much babbling and bubling. but there is eye contact, if you name it sometimes, sometimes you don’t, does it include ASD? Thank you in advance

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Hello Mother,

Thank you for the question.

At the age of 2 years, normally children already have a lot of vocabulary (more than 10 words), can even combine 2 or more words into a simple sentence structure, such as "mama milk" or "daddy eat". A 2-year-old child can also interact well with his environment, including showing a happy face when he encounters something he likes, looks sad when left, and puts on a sour face when he doesn't like something.

Autism (autism spectrum disorder, ASD) is a brain development disorder that affects the ability of sufferers to communicate and interact with others. Indirectly, autism also triggers behavioral disorders and mood sufferers in daily activities.

Judging from the information you convey, the condition may indeed be included in the symptoms of autism, but it may not. Indeed often, children with autism have begun to show symptoms from the age of 1-2 years. However, besides autism, there are many other conditions whose clinical symptoms are similar to those of your child, for example hearing loss, cognitive impairment, even just a reasonable variation of development. If your child has not been seen by a doctor, of course it is not certain what causes the complaint.

Our advice, you check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician for a more objective evaluation related to the condition. Thus, of course the doctor can give him good treatment according to the cause of his complaint. Do not forget, give your child enough protection so that when checked, he is not exposed to diseases, including COVID-19 which is currently endemic. You can do this by first registering with a doctor via the internet or telephone and only when it will be your turn to examine your child, give your child a mask, wear clean clothes, diligently wash his hands, and prepare him sufficient supplies.

As a parent, you can also do the following handling steps:

 Frequently your children talk, interact, and play according to their age Don't give your child a gadget too early Let him interact a lot with children his age Support your child's growth and development by feeding him and eating healthy Discipline check the child's growth and development to the nearest health facility every month Hopefully help huh ..

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