Children Aged 2 Years Often Speak Upside Down?

Illustration of Children Aged 2 Years Often Speak Upside Down?
Illustration: Children Aged 2 Years Often Speak Upside Down?

Tonight doctor … Introduce my name Harry I want to ask my child is 2 years 5 months … Now I can speak clearly, but every time I speak it is always upside down sometimes. talking about it upside down sometimes sometimes … Please enter it and how to overcome this we as parents … Thank you

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Complaints about the word order experienced by your child and this condition does not always occur, so this is probably a reasonable condition that is encountered in children. During the initial period of growth, language recognition, environmental recognition, and social communication interactions with people or the surrounding community; children aged 1-3 years or the age of children before school age, children can experience a process of language adjustment that can have implications for the misplacement of syllables in the simple sentences that are spoken. This usually does not happen consistently, where this error only occurs in a number of pronunciations when communicating. In this context, the role of parents provides appropriate information to the child regarding the placement of the spoken word, so that in this phase, the child's learning process continues.

In other conditions, there are also disruptions in children's learning and communication processes that cause learning, reading, writing, and spelling disorders called dyslexia. Children with dyslexia often experience early symptoms at 1-2 years of age, where children experience complaints of slow speech, difficulty remembering colors, letters, the alphabet; and complaints will be more visible after the child enters school age, where children have difficulty in spelling, counting or writing.

However, to find out the growth and development of your child, you should consult directly with the pediatrician child growth and development section. The doctor will evaluate and examine the child's growth and development, both motor skills, cognitive sensory, communication and socialization of children. The results of the examination will provide an overview of your child's growth and development related to his current age. If an indication of growth and development of a child is found, the doctor will supervise and handle the developmental disorders that are found, so that it can help the child through the process of growth and development better.

For now, you and your family should continue to support and help your child in the process of adjustment in your child's growth and development phase, encourage them to continue to communicate, provide good correction if your child misplaced words, give examples of repeated word placement, and give healthy nutritional support for your child to support his growth and development.

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