Children Aged 3 Years Coughing Colds

Illustration of Children Aged 3 Years Coughing Colds
Illustration: Children Aged 3 Years Coughing Colds

Tonight doctor, my son is 3 years old, now he has a cold, it’s been 3 days. The first day was just sneezing but not often and the second day began to runny nose, tonight appeared coughing during sleep but not often. also no fever to date. I am worried because there is currently a covid-19 virus and want to go to the doctor to ask for medicine and also afraid because it is crowded, so what’s the solution for the doctor so that my child gets better soon? while I give Hufagrip medicine for colds.

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Hello Lila,

Thank you for the question.

Colds, sneezing, and cough in children are often mild, provided they are not accompanied by high fever, spasms, and other more severe complaints. In most cases, your child's complaints refer to an allergic reaction, for example to cold temperatures, dust mites, pollen, or a variety of other substances. In addition to allergies, children can also get colds, sneezing, and cough due to the entry of foreign objects into the nose or throat, impaired immunity, sensitivity to certain drugs, disorders of blood vessels and nerves around the nose, and even infection with several types of viruses or bacteria (including viruses New Corona causes COVID-19 disease).

Since COVID-19 is currently outbreaking, it is true that an examination to a doctor, including in the case of children, which is not an emergency should be postponed, for the benefit of your own child. At home, you can handle your child's complaints first by:

Give him plenty to drink and eat warm and soupy
Never give children to eat foods that are cold, artificial sweet, greasy, let alone make it allergic
Keep it away from things that might trigger allergies, pollution, smoke, and dry air
Use a humidifier when possible
Keep the child's body clean and the surrounding environment
If there are other people around the child who are coughing, sneezing, runny nose, or fever, keep them away so that they don't come in close contact with the child
Invite children to bask in the morning sun to melt the mucus that has accumulated in the nasal cavity and throat

Giving cough medicine, sneezing, and colds in children may be done as long as those included in the class of free drugs. The rest, if the complaint does not improve for a long time, or if other complaints appear more severe, or if your child / close relatives who often contact with children have a history of contact with sufferers of COVID-19, you should immediately consult your child to see a doctor or pediatrician so that it can be further treated

I hope this helps.

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