Children Aged 3 Years Fever 38.5 Degrees Celsius At Night?

Illustration of Children Aged 3 Years Fever 38.5 Degrees Celsius At Night?
Illustration: Children Aged 3 Years Fever 38.5 Degrees Celsius At Night?

.. my son’s age is 3 years, in the middle of last month he was hospitalized for DB for 5 days. And for 3 days he has a fever of 38.5 ° especially at night. our area is very hot. His appetite goes down, and likes to poke his lips he says his lips are dry.

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Hi Tyas,

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Extreme weather exposure often triggers fever in children. However, a fever due to this condition will usually not last long, especially for days like your child has experienced. Fever up to 3 days or more often occurs due to infection. Various types of infections can cause fever, including dengue fever. Children who have had dengue fever (DB, dengue fever) are actually potential to be small enough to return to dengue fever if their endurance is good. However, still, it is not impossible reinfection, especially if your child's immune system is not good, or if he is infected by a different strain of virus than the one that infected him before. In addition to dengue fever, various other infections can also cause child fever, for example airway infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, and so on. It could also, besides infection, your child's fever arises due to other factors, such as immune disorders, thyroid gland disorders, malignancies, and immunization side effects.

Decreased appetite and dry lips that your child is experiencing is not specific to a particular disease. It could be, his appetite that fell purely arises because of the discomfort he experienced during a fever. Dry lips can also occur naturally because of hot environmental conditions.

The good, considering the condition of your child has lasted 3 days, check it directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Usually, to be clear about the cause of the fever, the doctor will direct your child to undergo a blood test or other supporting tests. For now, what can be done:

Give the child paracetamol so that the fever subsides
Give children plenty to drink, also eat a variety of nutritious foods
If the child's appetite goes down, give the child a small but frequent meal, varying the diet
Wear on children clothes that are comfortable and absorb sweat
Spread honey on the lips of a dry child
Ask the child not to bite or slurp his dry lips
Avoid children from other people who are experiencing infectious infections

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