Children Are Weak And Don’t Want To Eat?

Illustration of Children Are Weak And Don’t Want To Eat?
Illustration: Children Are Weak And Don’t Want To Eat?

My child is 1 years old 6 months .. Weekly sick Only two days this is no longer fever .. But did not want to eat at all, milk only 2 times a day, there is a cough rarely and colds continue .. Cold fluids runny and clear .. 5 days then I bring krumah skit only given obt fever vomiting n coughing .. Until now not want to eat .. What should I do

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Hello Kartika, thank you for asking

Children become appetite often makes parents worry, the cause of children not appetite can be caused by many factors. One of the causes of children being unwilling to eat is that the child is experiencing certain illnesses. If the child becomes unwilling to eat accompanied by symptoms of dehydration such as:

Eyes become sunken
There are no tears or few when crying
Children become restless, weak
Reduce or decrease urination, or the urine becomes thick or dark
Dry mouth
Not active enough

If you find signs of dehydration, you should immediately check your child to the doctor at the nearest health facility or emergency room. If the child refuses to eat at all, and only drink a little is worried about dehydration, when the dehydrated child needs to get immediate help to prevent unwanted complications.

The cause of children not wanting to eat is multifactorial including:

The child is sick or experiencing certain illness
Children are not comfortable with the texture of the food provided
Children are not interested or "bored" with food that is prepared

Most causes of children become unwilling to eat is not appropriate eating patterns such as the problem of the type of food provided. To help increase appetite in children need to eat, parents can do activities, such as:

Get used to a regular meal, which is three times the main meal and two snack meals each day
Let the child eat independently. Make practical food that can be held and put into the mouth of a child easily
Give food in small portions, but often
Make a menu of food that the child previously liked
Use cutlery with attractive pictures and colors.
Keep gadgets, toys, pets, and things that affect their attention when eating
Give ASI children as often as possible
If the child refuses to eat persuaded patiently and bolts the child's eating atmosphere becomes pleasant and pleasant

Decreased appetite that continues to be left can cause children to lack of nutrition and nutrients needed by the body. Therefore, if the child continues to have no appetite or appetite does not return to normal within 1-3 days you should be able to consult a pediatrician to be examined further.

Further mengani: How to Help Increase appetite in children

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