Children Coughing Colds Accompanied By Tightness?

Illustration of Children Coughing Colds Accompanied By Tightness?
Illustration: Children Coughing Colds Accompanied By Tightness?

Good morning, I want to ask, my child is 3 years old, 3 days I have a cold cough. starting with a cold first. Last night he had a tight stomach to flattening, I gave him a cold cough medicine which he usually drinks but never coughs. Coughing is not accompanied by wheezing. Last night I had a fever but not with high temperature. Sleeping pillow I raise, I give eucalyptus oil chest and back. The lips remain red and the child is still active, but the appetite decreases. What should I do? Or what medicine should I give my child

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. Coughing is a nonspecific symptom and can actually occur due to various possibilities, ranging from asthma, lung infections, upper respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, allergies, and various other lung diseases, including non-lung diseases such as stomach acid and heart disease.

At this stage, with limited information on your child, it is difficult to determine which of the above possibilities best represents your child's condition. Our advice, you should check your child to a pediatrician, because maybe the disease he is experiencing is different now and is more severe than the disease he usually suffers. With a direct check, it can be seen the tendencies and the best treatment.

Meanwhile, the independent handling you have done so far is quite good, and you may continue. You can also provide warm drinks mixed with honey and lemon, bathe in warm water, and make sure the room is clean from dust and smoke. Avoid giving excessive cough medicine considering his very young age, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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