Children Experience Mouth Ulcers And Do Not Want To Eat?

Illustration of Children Experience Mouth Ulcers And Do Not Want To Eat?
Illustration: Children Experience Mouth Ulcers And Do Not Want To Eat?

Hello, good night. I went to the doctor, and the doctor only gave medicine and pressed the child to keep eating. Whereas my child has mouth ulcer, and the child does not want to eat at all. Even drinking just a little, I’m afraid he’s dehydrated. But thank you God, I still want to drink even if I want to because I force myself … 2 days I don’t want to eat, I try to use energy. Is that okay? Because I read it in the article may be because there is wheat and cereals. And thank God the child wants even a little. I want to be hospitalized, but the doctor only gives medicine, I don’t give a referral letter to the hospital 🥺🥺😭

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Hello Taty

Thank you for the question.

Thrush in a child's mouth can be many possible triggers, starting from being bitten or pierced by sharp objects, lack of nutrition, infection in the oral cavity, allergic or irritation to substances that come in contact with the oral cavity, impaired immunity, the influence of drugs, and so on. In most cases, thrush is not dangerous and can recover in less than 1-2 weeks. Therefore, not all children with canker sores do have to be hospitalized. In fact, if the sprue is considered mild, treating children in the hospital, along with other sick people, is more at risk of making the child involved in contracting the disease. It's just that, indeed, the pain that arises because canker sores can be very disturbing, so that makes the child's appetite is much decreased.

Our advice, don't panic yet. If you have seen your child seen by a doctor and given medicine, first try to treat your child's condition by:

 Give children lots to drink Vary children's food diets everyday Make interesting food offerings, so that his appetite increases Don't force the child to eat, teach him to eat alone as early as possible Between meals, give him healthy snacks, like juice or cut fruit Don't first give the child food that is too spicy, oily, and hard If the child is able to rinse, try to teach him to rinse with salt solution Diligently brush the child's teeth, and also clean his tongue and mouth cavity If only canker sores that your child experiences, and if he does not have an allergy to wheat and cereals in the beverage products you mentioned, it is actually not dangerous to give the product as a supplement to nutritional intake when it is difficult to eat.

However, if after undergoing the above tricks your child's condition still does not improve, or if he experiences vomiting, fever, weakness, diarrhea, and other more severe complaints, immediately consult his doctor or pediatrician so that he is evaluated and treated more continue according to the cause

I hope this helps.

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