Children Have Difficulty Defecating After Recovering From Vomiting?

Illustration of Children Have Difficulty Defecating After Recovering From Vomiting?
Illustration: Children Have Difficulty Defecating After Recovering From Vomiting?

At noon, I want to ask my child that he is 21 months old and a week ago my child got diarrhea until he was defecated more than 10 times a day. Now it’s recovered, but how come after 3 days my child is not BaB, is there a lot to eat or not, is that dangerous for my child? Please give a solution.

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Constipation is the inability to excrete stool completely, which can be classified into two, namely constipation due to structural abnormalities (eg hirschsprung disease) and functional constipation. The constipation complained of by most patients is generally a functional constipation that can be caused by a previous history of trauma during bowel movements, pain because of hard stools, and toilet phobias.

In children under 4 years of age constipation can be diagnosed if found at least one of the following clinical symptoms:

Defecation less than 3 times a week Pain when defecating Accumulation of stool into a large, hard and dry mass in the lower part of the large intestine There is a buildup of palpable feces in the stomach. If your child's complaint lasts more than 12 weeks, then I suggest you take your child to a pediatrician to have a thorough examination, such as questions and answers, physical examination of the abdomen and anus, and additional examinations, such as abdominal ultrasound if necessary, so treatment can be done according to your child's diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

- Give enough fluids at least 1 liter a day, and provide milk with the appropriate dose

- Provides foods high in fiber, except bananas and apples

- Massage the child's abdomen with oil clockwise, routinely 15 times a day

-Toilet training is done in a way that children are asked to sit for a while about 3-5 minutes on the toilet or toy in the form of a toilet, 15 minutes after breakfast or lunch

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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