Children Incisors (rabbit Teeth) Are Late Growing

Illustration of Children Incisors (rabbit Teeth) Are Late Growing
Illustration: Children Incisors (rabbit Teeth) Are Late Growing

Hello, I have a child aged 6 years and 9 months.4 The upper and lower incisors are all dislodged. Which makes me confused, the first tooth that comes off is the left incisor of the rabbit. But what grew first was the other three incisors, while the first rabbit tooth was knocked out so far. I see there are a few substitute teeth that appear sharp in the gums, but after a while the position is still like that, it hasn’t come down from the gums. Even now you have removed the lower incisors. Is that normal? or what? Thank you before.

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Every human will experience tooth growth as much as 2 times, beginning with the growth of baby teeth at around 6 months of age which lasts until the age of 2-3 years and then there will be a change of teeth into permanent teeth or adult teeth.

Starting from the age of 5 years milk teeth can begin to detach and begin to replace teeth. Permanent tooth growth generally takes one week to 6 months.

However, in some cases permanent tooth growth can occur more slowly until several years which is still normal, which is called delayed eruption.

In the meantime what you can do include:

Maintain cleanliness of the oral cavity and teeth
Routinely brush your teeth at least 2x a day
Avoid consumption of food and sweet drinks, chocolate and chips
Drink plenty of water

If you are worried, it would be nice for you to have your child consult a dentist for further examination and evaluation.

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