Children Like To Scream And Yell Until It’s Hard To Control?

Illustration of Children Like To Scream And Yell Until It’s Hard To Control?
Illustration: Children Like To Scream And Yell Until It’s Hard To Control? Bing

Good night. Hello doctor. please help. my son is 3.5 years old. She is a girl. physically, thank God, normal health, no flaws. but his attitude, for example, let me tell you he shouted “NO!!” while hitting something nearby. with a glaring expression. I like failing to educate children, I feel like a failure as a parent. the same as impatient toys, easily bored. many toys are old and my furniture at home is broken when he throws it. That’s again the reason because I forbid or I will tell you. For example, he took a long bath with tap water flushing his head, I said “you’ve taken a shower, your head will hurt from being washed then” immediately he threw a dipper or something while shouting “NO!!” already rich. so I like to hit it.

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Hello Mrs. Denna Virginia,

Becoming a mother is a gift in itself as well as a phase full of challenges. The action you took to consult with us was one of the right steps.

Children who easily express their desires by getting angry, throwing things or throwing a tantrum are characteristics of a tantrum. In children aged 1 to 4 years, tantrums are normal. Children usually show tantrums because they want to express their desires but they are not yet good at discussing them in a complex way. So he tried the easiest way, namely by 'raging' or throwing objects. In their subconscious, this is like an experiment. If with this action, the parents grant their request, then perhaps one day the child will use a 'weapon' in anger to get what the child wants.

In dealing with child tantrums, there are several ways that mothers need to pay attention to:

stay calm. Most parents will be trapped in their children's emotions so that they deal with children who are in tantrums by participating in emotions and even hurting the child physically. Calmly but firmly, tell him that the mother does not like the child's actions.
give him a hug. Child tantrums usually occur when he feels less cared for by the people around him, so he chooses to be angry or throw things to steal attention. Therefore, when the child starts tantrums, the mother needs to show with all her heart that the mother loves her. fully present for the little one, look into his eyes and hug him while saying that the mother loves the child, but the mother does not like it when the child acts like that. ask calmly but firmly about what the child wants. explain in easy-to-understand language why the mother does not allow or grant the child's request.
distract him. children are easily distracted. For example, if your child has a tantrum while in the middle of a family event, take him out and ask him to look around.
identify the trigger factors for child tantrums. Usually tiredness and hunger are trigger factors for tantrums in children. therefore avoid excessive fatigue and adjust the child's feeding schedule.
Pay attention not to let children hurt themselves or others. In addition to providing a calming effect, hugs can also prevent children from hurting themselves and others.

that's our information. If you still need help, you can consult directly with a doctor or psychologist, ma'am. Hope it is useful,

dr. Barrel

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