Children Often Blink Half Of The Eye Spontaneously?

Illustration of Children Often Blink Half Of The Eye Spontaneously?
Illustration: Children Often Blink Half Of The Eye Spontaneously?

Doctor, this week my child often blinks a handful of his eyes in a spontaneous and repetitive manner, in the past he often bit his fingers and pursed his lips but now they don’t. What should I do?

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Tourette (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary and repetitive movements, stereotypical, and vocalizations called dengantics. ticumum occurs in children, and usually does not last more than one year. But in children with Tourette's syndrome, it lasts for more than one year and appears in a variety of behaviors.

the exact cause of TS is unknown, but strong suspicion leads to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It is also suspected that imbalances of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin play a role in TS.

simple padatics, motor symptoms that are often found are eye blinks, head jerks, shrugging shoulders, eye shifts, nose twitching, strange mouth movements. Whereas the common symptoms are moaning, coughing, clearing throat, and barking.

if these symptoms are very disturbing and do not improve you can take your child immediately to a neurologist, so that the doctor can do a direct examination and provide appropriate treatment. diagnosis of this syndrome is done through verification of the person has had motor and vocals vocals for at least 1 year by the doctor. The presence of other neurological or psychiatric conditions can help the doctor arrive at the diagnosis.

this syndrome often appears at the age of children. If your child is one who has this syndrome, as a parent there are several things you need to do. Some of them are like:

Always try to get accurate information about Tourette's syndrome, both for sufferers and families.
Remember that the peak will reach a peak when the patient reaches adolescence, but the condition will improve with age.
Be a good supporter for sufferers, by helping to educate others around the child routinely. Children with Tourette's syndrome can develop better in smaller learning environments or through private tutoring.

Tourette's syndrome does not reduce the intelligence or age of the sufferer. Symptoms of Tourette's syndrome can improve with age, but can also get worse, and require further treatment. Support for people with Tourette's syndrome can help relieve the symptoms they experience, which are generally triggered by panic attacks, anxiety, and depression that come from the environment around them. That is why education, therapy, and support groups play an important role in the development of a patient's condition.

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