Children Often Cough With Colds With No Appetite?

Illustration of Children Often Cough With Colds With No Appetite?
Illustration: Children Often Cough With Colds With No Appetite?

Alodok, my child is 18 months old … yesterday for 4 days the fever did not go down u0026sup2; the heat and vomiting u0026sup2; yes? Do I need to give vitamins for a strong immune system or what? And already 1 week from illness until healed from inflammation my child does not want to eat at all just formula milk .. What do you need also given an appetite enhancer ..

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Hello Vha Avha,

Upper respiratory tract infection (ARI) is one of the diseases that often attacks children. ARI can cause inflammation in the nasal mucosa, pharynx, larynx, and also tonsils (tonsils). The most common causes are viral infections (rhinovirus, influenza virus, epstein barr virus) or bacterial infections (Streptococcus, Mycobacterium pneumoniae, etc.). Apart from infection, inflammation can also occur due to allergic reactions.

Symptoms of inflammation in the upper airways include:

 Fever Cough colds Sore throat Pain swallowing Enlarged lymph nodes around the neck Decreased appetite Muscular or joint pain Hoarseness ISPA is very easily transmitted from person to person through the air. Young children have an immune system that is not as good as adults, so it is more susceptible to contracting if it is in constant contact with patients with ARI. Teach children to regularly wash their hands, clean hands and reduce the risk of ARI. Preschoolers can experience coughing colds up to 7-8 times a year. This frequency will decrease with age. If a child has a frequent cough, colds, there are several factors that need to be suspected, for example allergic factors, immunocompromised conditions, chronic tonsillitis.

Generally ARI can heal by itself after a few days, by providing nutritious food, drinking enough water and adequate rest. When sick, try not to expose your child to cigarette smoke, excessive pollution, including contact with people who are coughing colds. Giving antibiotics is only done if there is a suspicion of bacterial infection. For cases of viral infections, treatment generally adjusts to the symptoms of the patient, for example given a fever-lowering medication if the child has a fever.

Decreased appetite when sick is a natural thing. Especially if a child has a cold / nasal congestion, because the sense of smell plays an important role in causing hunger stimulation to taste food. By providing varied foods, the actual needs of the macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) of the child have been fulfilled. At the time of illness it may be possible to add a multivitamin to help meet those needs because children eat less during illness. We recommend that you provide vitamins in accordance with the dose needed by children. If the child continues to have difficulty eating even though the pain has healed (no longer coughing, no more colds, no more fever) chances are the child is picky eater (picky eater), problems in the digestive tract (including teeth and mouth) or in the upper respiratory tract which has not been overcome, the wrong eating routine (hours of eating is not fixed, the child is fed while playing), the child lacks activity so it is not hungry. Please consult with your doctor if this decrease in appetite causes a drastic weight loss in children.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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