Children Often Get Nosebleeds

Illustration of Children Often Get Nosebleeds
Illustration: Children Often Get Nosebleeds

Doc one of my twins had a nosebleed last year. The first nosebleed had a lot of blood and was quite long. Until I was taken to UGD the bleeding hadn’t stopped yet. After being given the medicine stopped and allowed to go home. 2x within 30 minutes. After that day more and more often doc. A month can 3-4 times nosebleeds. I’ve brought my child to the ENT doctor because I was very worried about his condition. First check the doctor just checked his nose and was given allergic drugs and vitamins. have to go back every week. after taking medicine the child is getting more frequent nosebleeds every day doc. sometimes in one day it can be 3-4 times nosebleeds doc. then the doctor refers my child to the hospital. the doctor said only allergic. and not given any action. my child it’s been almost 4 months back and forth to the ENT doc. all I ask is whether my child might just be allergic. what might have been an allergy in the past year doc. pain in his head dock and a lot of bruises on his body. never check blood leukocyte lan 17 thousand docs. in that condition the child does not have a fever doc. actually my child is sick or not doc. sorry not able to go to the hospital again.

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Hello Siti, thank you for asking to We understand the concerns that you feel.

Nosebleeds in the medical world are called epistaxis. Complaints can occur anytime and anywhere. Children more often experience nosebleeds due to blood vessels that are more presentable than adults. In children who often experience nosebleeds certainly need to know the exact cause. Some causes of the complaint include:

Cold air, for example, is too long in the air conditioned room
Trauma, like a nose bumping
Children often pick the nose
Side effects of drugs such as ibuprofen
Certain medical conditions such as blood clotting abnormalities

To find out the exact cause of course it is necessary to do a complete examination ranging from physical examination and other additional checks that are needed such as blood tests, allergy tests, X-rays, and so on.

For now, all you can do is:

Keep the child calm when bleeding occurs
Don't bend your head up, keep your child down slightly
Use a clean tissue or cloth and press on the nostrils, wait up to 10 minutes, if it still happens, do it again
Use a humidifier to moisturize the air in a child's room
Avoid exposure to allergies to avoid complaints that often arise
Make sure the child has enough rest, fatigue can also cause children to experience complaints more easily

If complaints are still ongoing and more and more bleeding and do not stop immediately to the emergency room or doctor for further treatment. In the midst of the pandemic COVID-19 at this time it was advisable to remain at home and not travel, but if there are symptoms that are emergency must still immediately see a doctor with a mask and avoid using public transportation, as well as maintaining distance with others.

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That's all, hope it helps.

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