Children Often Suffer From Weak Immune System?

Illustration of Children Often Suffer From Weak Immune System?
Illustration: Children Often Suffer From Weak Immune System?

I want to ask what vitamins are suitable for a 1 year old child, to maintain the immune system of a child so that he is immune to diseases. Because my child is once a month often has a fever, diarrhea, difficult to defecate. r n r nPlease really ask for the best solution.

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Endurance between one person and another is different. In addition, the immune system of children with adults is also different. Age infants and children have an immune system that is not strong like adults so vulnerable to germ infections. Some factors that affect the body's immune system include:



Surrounding environment


Stress level, etc.

Other diseases such as metabolic disorders such as diabetes, or are undergoing treatment, cancer therapy, etc.

Fever in children is something that often makes parents worried. Though most of the fever that occurs is beneficial for the body as the body's natural response to fight germs when exposed to bacterial or viral infections. Fever is triggered by a thermostat in the brain that regulates body temperature. Characteristics of fever starting from the time of occurrence of fever, the pattern and nature of fever can be related to the cause of the illness. A sudden high fever, often caused by a common viral infection, can generally decrease within 2-5 days. Dengue fever and dengue fever are often found in children, adolescents to adults. Fever due to bacteria often does not immediately jump up high, but an increase in temperature occurs gradually and often lasts long as in the case of typhoid fever. Dehydration or lack of fluids in children can also trigger fever.
While diarrhea which lasts more than 3 times in 24 hours, also called diarrhea. If diarrhea is runny, yellow with no blood or mucus and stool discoloration, then you don't need to worry. Acute diarrhea that occurs less than 14 days is often caused by a viral infection that can improve on its own.
A condition that must be considered and important to avoid when a child is experiencing fever and diarrhea is dehydration, so it is important to provide adequate fluids when the child is sick.
Difficult bowel movements often occur because of dietary patterns or foods that are less fiber and less fluid. Difficult conditions to defecate or constipation can also occur because the child is traumatized in the previous chapter to cause anal pain, blisters to bleed and makes the child traumatized to defecate so they do not want to defecate in a few days. This will form a vicious circle that will continue to repeat if not given good management and preventive measures.
When your child has a fever, diarrhea and difficult bowel movements, the following tips can be done at home:

Do not panic, fever is good for the body in response to disease
Give a warm compress
Give clothes that are not thick and comfortable to wear
Give blankets for children who are not thick
Always give enough fluids
Give ORS solution when diarrhea
Provide healthy and nutritious food
Avoid foods that are high in fiber when diarrhea and give foods high in fiber when difficulty in bowel movements
Give paracetamol if the body is hot and give medication to help soften the stool when constipation hits

Related to your question, multivitamin supplements have benefits to meet the needs of micronutrients in the body. All multivitamin products for children are good enough for consumption. The use of multivitamin supplements is more indicated in children who experience daily nutritional deficiencies, especially those that are lacking from food, so that their needs are still met. Today the use of vitamins is more widely used and chosen by parents to keep their children healthy. Though not only from vitamins alone the body's immune can be maintained properly. Balanced nutrition, environmental influences and other factors have a very big role to become a child's immune system.
To help increase endurance, try to do the following steps:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Inadequate water needs
Encourage children to be diligent in sports
Consumption of vegetables and fruits
Make sure the child has enough sleep
Avoid children from exposure to people who are sick
Washing hands before and after eating
Encourage children to do a healthy lifestyle that starts from their parents

So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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