Children Spit Out Hot Food

Illustration of Children Spit Out Hot Food
Illustration: Children Spit Out Hot Food

good afternoon doc, I want to ask. when children are given food in hot temperatures (hot porridge, hot milk) it tends to vomit up. Why does this happen huh Doc? Is it just a reflex form or does it have something to do with stomach acid or taste buds? thank you doc

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Hello cho,

Thank you for the question.

Consuming foods that are too hot can certainly make an uncomfortable sensation around the tongue, oral cavity, and even the throat. Therefore, by reflex, the child will try to remove this food. Conditions like this can be seen more clearly in children who previously were not accustomed to being given hot food or drinks.

Vomiting that occurs only after a child consumes hot food alone is not specific to refer to the symptoms of certain diseases, both gastric disorders or taste nerves. If this vomiting occurs due to an illness, of course, it not only occurs when the child consumes hot food, but also when he consumes other food. Compared to the influence of the temperature of the food, some foods can more easily trigger vomiting if:

The consistency is too chewy or sticky, making it difficult to swallow
The texture is too hard or fibrous too high, making it difficult to chew and cut into small pieces
Food that tastes too overpowering
Foods that contain a lot of gas, such as fatty foods, spicy, bersantan, mustard greens, cabbage, and so on

Hope this helps ...

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