Children Who Have High Levels Of Emotions?

Illustration of Children Who Have High Levels Of Emotions?
Illustration: Children Who Have High Levels Of Emotions?

Hello Doctor, I have a child who is currently 11 years old and sits in class VII.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at We understand your feelings. Mischief on the child is basically natural, and sometimes, mischief is itself a process of maturity. It is not uncommon among us when we were small to be naughty, but it is precisely from that misbehavior that we learn and become who we are now.

There are various factors that cause children to behave in a way that is not what we expect, including something that he sees, hears and learns from his friends, from his shows, from his surroundings, and of course from his parents. Often we do not realize that the attitude of children that we do not like, actually imitating what we do everyday to other people. This can also be a way to attract the attention of others or survive because he feels discouraged, blamed, or not great enough, so he puts his emotions to survive.

Beyond that, it could also be because there are certain mental conditions that trigger an aggressive attitude. This, if left unchecked, can trigger a child to rebel and harm more people as he gets older.

We suggest that it's still not clear what your child is actually experiencing, and there is still very little information about your child. With a direct interview like that, you can see what are the possible causes, and what is the best treatment for your child.

In the meantime, try to be patient with him, and be his first friend. Do not let him be uncomfortable with you because you snapped at him, or curb him too much. Try to understand the world and get closer to him. So, hopefully answering your question.

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