Children With Heat And Leg Pain

Illustration of Children With Heat And Leg Pain
Illustration: Children With Heat And Leg Pain

Hello doctor, my child is 7 years old 1 month 10 days a few days ago had a red rash on the face, palms and body, a little itchy but disappeared in 2 days. The next day complained of foot pain when worn walking, the next day the heat reached 38dc and still complained of leg pain. Even now, he has 38dc fever and still has leg pain. Does this show any symptoms of a particular disease doc? Explanation please.

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Hi Andika,

Thank you for the question.

Red itchy skin rashes on the face, palms, body, accompanied by fever and leg pain are most likely to occur due to infections, for example measles, Singapore flu, scarlatina fever, dengue fever, chickenpox, impetigo, folliculitis, and so on. Other skin conditions besides infection, for example contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and insect bites, can also have a secondary infection that can trigger more severe symptoms of inflammation like your child has.

Distinguishing exactly what triggers your child's complaints is almost impossible without direct examination. Therefore, if your child's complaint is still felt until the 3rd day or so, you should check it directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Not just interviews and physical examinations, later doctors can also direct your child to undergo blood tests, allergy tests, or also other supporting tests.

In the meantime, the following efforts can be made so that your child's complaints improve:

Give him paracetamol according to the recommended dosage
Make sure your child's body and the environment are always clean
Keep your child bathing, only, do not rub excessively overgrown areas of the rash
Avoid children from exchanging personal items with others
Keep children from things that can cause allergies
Warm compresses on the child's feet that are painful
Give children more to drink and eat foods that have a balanced nutritional value and contain antioxidants
Let the child rest more

Hope this helps ...

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