Children’s Bedtime Is Irregular?

Illustration of Children’s Bedtime Is Irregular?
Illustration: Children’s Bedtime Is Irregular?

I want to ask, my child is 3 months 15 days old, his sleeping hours are reversed with adults, if he goes to sleep in the morning, he wakes up only wants to sleep, if he doesn’t sleep at night, especially from midnight to morning he is not sleepy at all …

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Good sleep patterns in babies are very useful in supporting the growth and development. Not only that, with a good baby sleep pattern, parents can avoid excessive fatigue, so they can more optimally take care of the baby and also do other activities.

Your baby sleeps more in the morning until late afternoon, and many are awake at night, often due to poor sleep habits. As is known, when the baby is still in the womb, he is not too familiar with the difference day and night. The condition of a mother who has a lot of activities during the day actually makes her sleep more because it feels like being rocked. Conversely, when the mother rests at night, the baby can move more in the womb. Patterns like this can carry on until they are born, unless you teach them the difference day and night from an early age.

You can change your baby's habits with the following efforts:

In the morning to evening, make the atmosphere of the house so noisy, bright, encourage your baby to actively play and talk
At night, make the atmosphere at home quiet, dim, take the baby to bed early, limit your baby to play and talk, give your baby comfortable clothes, do gentle massage on his body so he feels more relaxed
Feed your baby regularly every 2 to 3 hours, don't wait for him to get too hungry
Also make a regular schedule for your baby to bathe, play, sleep, and other activities

Of course, it's not an instant matter of changing baby's sleep habits, as do parents. However, slowly but surely, if there are no other complications, your baby's sleep patterns should improve with the steps above. If not, or if you find your baby experiencing complaints, such as fever, runny nose, colds, colic, swollen gums, etc. that have the potential to make him feel uncomfortable so that it disrupts his sleep, immediately consult his doctor or pediatrician to be given the best treatment, right? ..

I hope this helps.

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