Children’s Ears Come Out Of Fluid After The Head Bumps?

Hi, my son often banged his head, like if LG dduk often falls alone without any refutation at the back, and as a result his ears often come out of yellow fluid sometimes colored clear dri small until now aged 2y when abis falling when the ear drops out of liquid , I have consulted the pediatrician, said that the GP was MH due to the heat or cold … But I was still afraid of anything …

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Some diseases that can be related to discharge from the ear, namely:
1. Otitis externa or inflammation of the outer ear canal.
2. Medical otitis effusion or inflammation of the middle ear caused by non-infectious factors.
3. Fracture of the skull base, this condition is related to a history of a recent head injury.
We recommend that you also consult an ENT specialist doctor, to get a second opinion. If needed the doctor will request further tests, such as X-rays and CT scans. Later treatment will be undertaken based on the cause of the disease.
Meanwhile, take the mother's time to accompany the child to play. Take care of the child really, avoid using a cellphone when with children. Arrange the house as safe as possible for children to play. Avoid using furniture made of glass. Use a thick carpet to cover the floor, especially in parts of the room that are often used as places where children climb, such as chairs, tables and around the bed.
Thus hopefully useful.

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