Children’s Vitamins?

Illustration of Children’s Vitamins?
Illustration: Children’s Vitamins?

want to ask vitamins for children under 2 years is good huh?

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Hello evi,

Thank you for the question.

There are many types of vitamins with a variety of different functions. In general, adequate vitamin intake is useful in increasing endurance, accelerating recovery after illness, maintaining stamina, healthy body organs (such as heart, kidney, lung, brain), preventing the formation of cancer cells, and many other functions.

Naturally, fulfilling your child's vitamin needs can be done by giving him a variety of foods and drinks that are of high nutritional value, for example fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, grains, fish oil, fortified cereals, etc. . As for supplements, this can vary in type and dosage depending on your age, gender, body posture, activities undertaken, as well as your child's general health condition. So, it can't be decided only from online consultations like this huh ..

The good, you first meet the needs of children's vitamins with natural steps above. If you feel the need for additional vitamin supplements, you can ask directly to the nearest doctor or pediatrician.

Hope this helps ...

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