Child’s Breath

Illustration of Child’s Breath
Illustration: Child’s Breath

Assalamu Alaikum doc .. I want to ask .. !! I have just born my baby is 14 days old, I gave birth at 38mgg. And when my baby was born, my baby didn’t cry right away. After a few minutes handled the new baby crying. What I want to ask lately is I noticed my baby’s breathing is rather fast. I counted for 1 minute more than 60 times and he was having a hard time breathing. Does my baby have a shortness of breath doc? I was afraid to go to the hospital first. Because of avoiding viruses … Please info and suggestions what should I do doc ??

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Hello rizdah

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in general, babies do have different shapes and sounds of breathing with adults, this is because the structure and baby's respiratory organs are still not perfect. babies have respiratory tracts that tend to be smaller and narrower, so blockage is easier. besides that the inside of the baby's chest is soft because it consists of cartilage. This causes the baby's breathing may be heard faster, taking longer pauses between each breath and accompanied by unnatural sounds. newborn babies usually breathe as much as 30-60 pulls per minute. When entering the age of 6 months, this number decreases to 25-40 times per minute. Meanwhile, adults breathe 12-20 times per minute. However, if the baby shows signs of breathing that is not natural, such as too fast or too slow, parents need to be aware of these conditions.

here are some of the causes:

Transient tachypnea: This condition is caused by the presence of residual fluid in the lungs. When the baby is still in the womb, the baby's lungs are filled with fluid. Under normal conditions, the fluid will be completely absorbed through the lymphatic system and blood vessels when the baby is born. This condition usually only occurs for a while and will disappear along with the baby's growth.
croup: a type of viral infection that causes inflammation in the baby's trachea and larynx. This condition can also cause shortness of breath in babies.

Wheezing or wheezing: marked with a whistling sound when the baby inhales. This condition is usually caused by other diseases, such as pneumonia, asthma, or the presence of allergies.
stridor: Similar to wheezing, stridor causes shortness of breath in infants followed by a high voice. The most common cause of stridor is laryngomalasia, which is narrowing of the respiratory tract.

but this disorder can also be caused because there is kelianan in the heart, the mother should take the child to the hospital or to the nearest doctor if you find an abnormality in your baby's breathing, because by direct examination with physical examination or additional examination with rongen photos can win the cause of complaints that your baby is natural. I know because of the epidemic of this virus, but if your child has anomalies in the respiratory tract, you should check directly to the doctor to be explored further if there is indeed a problem with your baby's breathing organ.

There are several things you can do at home

Try to avoid the prone position when the baby is sleeping. This is important to prevent the risk of sudden infant death. Although the exact reason is unknown, the prone position is believed to worsen the condition of shortness of breath in infants because it can clog the upper respiratory tract, causing carbon dioxide buildup, and decreased oxygen levels.

Sometimes, shortness of breath that occurs in babies can be caused by an increase in body temperature and the baby feels hot. Then from that, try to change your baby's clothes with materials that are more comfortable and facilitate air circulation.

If shortness of breath associated with allergic conditions, immediately avoid the baby from things that can trigger allergies, such as dust, smoke, or certain foods to overcome this condition. Always keep the house clean from dust and dirt, especially on items that are easily dusty like carpets, sofas, and dolls. It would be better if you install a water purifier to improve air quality at home.

Don't give your baby a drink when it's tight

If you are not sure of the cause of the baby experiencing shortness of breath or how to overcome it, immediately contact your doctor to get the right treatment.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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