Child’s Ear Hurts?

Hello doctor, my child complains his ears hurt. Two days ago he felt cramped and I matched to remove the dried ear wax on my ear. Although yesterday he felt good in the ear, today he feels pain in the ear. Today I have given paracetamol but the pain has not diminished. Please inform the doctor, thank you very much

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Hello, thank you for asking in advance.

Ear pain in your child can be caused by the following things:

- Ear infections (Otitis media or otitis externa). Children often have infections due to coughing colds and the habit of cleaning ears with a cotton bud.

- Serumen prop / ear wax. This can cause the ear to feel full or hearing loss occurs.

- Sinus blockage. Can occur if the sinuses are blocked due to colds.

- Are on a plane or are in the highlands

To find out the cause more clearly you should take your child to the doctor for an ear check. However, due to the corona virus outbreak at this time, and it is recommended not to leave the house unless it is urgent, then you can do a few things beforehand at home to help resolve complaints:

- If your child feels pain in the ear then you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol syrup according to the dose for your child.

- Keep the child's ears dry / avoid putting water or foreign objects in the ears

- No swimming or diving for a while

- Avoid cleaning the ears with a cotton bud

- Avoid drinks / cold foods like ice cream

- Provide good nutrition for children

- Enough rest.

If the complaints don't get better or worse, you can take your child to the nearest health service.

> With the corona virus outbreak now, limit activities outside the home (stay at home), keep your distance from other people, regularly wash your hands with soap, avoid crowded places, maintain endurance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle (adequate rest, eating nutritiously, multiply the consumption of water, not smoking and drinking alcohol), and if you leave the house you should use a mask.

Thank you, I hope this helps you.

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