Child’s Eyeball Has Red Spots After Being Punctured By A Straw?

Illustration of Child’s Eyeball Has Red Spots After Being Punctured By A Straw?
Illustration: Child’s Eyeball Has Red Spots After Being Punctured By A Straw?

Good night, I want to ask my daughter’s eyes from the white part to the wound u0026amp; red due to contact with a straw when playing. what is the problem later? please give a hint u0026amp; Thank you very much

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Hi Ledy, thank you for asking

Red spots or red color on the eyes can be caused by various things, including:

1. The occurrence of subconjunctival bleeding, this condition generally does not cause symptoms and usually will disappear by itself around 2 weeks. Usually this happens due to injury or impact to the eye, sneezing or coughing that is too strong, rubbing the eyes too hard, and so forth.

2. Hyphema, blood collection in the front of the eye, usually occurs because of injury or trauma to the eye.

3. Conjunctivitis, is a condition of red eyes due to inflammation of the membranes lining the surface of the eyeball and inner eyelid (conjunctival eye). Usually accompanied by complaints of red eyes, itchy eyes, and watery.

And many other causes of red eye ...

To find out more precisely the cause of your complaint, or if the complaint that you feel does not improve, then you should do an examination with a doctor. The doctor will conduct a short interview, physical examination and additional examination (supporting examination) if needed. The doctor will also provide appropriate therapy to help deal with the complaints that you feel.

The things you can do at home to reduce complaints, namely avoid rubbing your eyes too hard, avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your eyes with dirty hands, avoiding eyes from dirt or dust, keep your face clean.

If you feel decreased vision, severe pain in the eye, severe headache, then immediately see a doctor.

Here are other articles that you can read: eye- bloody-that-required- watch out

Thank you, hope that helps ..

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