Child’s Genitals Reddish?

Illustration of Child’s Genitals Reddish?
Illustration: Child’s Genitals Reddish?

What are the causes of reddish female genitals? Is it because of diaper rash or something else? Please answer. thank you

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Thank you sister Feti for asking at

I will try to answer the question.

Complaints of a child's red genitalia can be caused by several diseases such as:

Allergic contact dermatitis: an inflammatory reaction on the skin due to an allergy to certain substances, for example allergic to heat, allergic to cold weather, allergic to sun exposure, allergic to slippers, allergic to material from the watch. Allergic contact dermatitis generally only occurs in certain people who do have a possible allergy to the substance, so not everyone can get allergic contact dermatitis.

Irritant contact dermatitis: an inflammatory reaction on the skin due to irritation from an item or substance. For example acidic solutions, alkaline solutions, detergents, these ingredients do have irritating properties, and generally can affect most people.

Diaper dermatitis: is an inflammatory reaction on the skin caused by urine and feces found in diapers. Symptoms experienced can include, redness, itching, burning sensation.

To ensure the symptoms experienced by mother children, it is better to consult a dermatologist. Later the doctor will ask about the history of the disease, from the beginning until now, do a physical examination, and additional investigations may be needed

Things to do at home:

Change diapers as often as possible
Avoid using diapers for a long time
Maintain cleanliness, especially hygiene of vital organs of the mother child

Hopefully can help. thanks.

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