Child’s Lips Are Swollen?

Illustration of Child’s Lips Are Swollen?
Illustration: Child’s Lips Are Swollen?

Tonight, my child is 26 months old. 2 days ago my child had a cold and often salivated (drool) this afternoon when I woke up suddenly his upper lip was swollen. After I checked it turned out that the inside is swollen. What do you think my child is sick of? Or is it hot inside?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Conditions experienced by your child can occur due to various possibilities, including:

Insect bite or sting
Irritation due to certain chemicals
Food, beverage or drug allergies
Bacterial, viral or parasitic infections

And it could also be for other reasons depending on the results of the examination. Our advice, you should immediately take your child to the ENT doctor so that you can do a history and direct observation of his current condition. With the condition on top of it, and observing the swelling condition firsthand, misunderstanding can be avoided and the best treatment can be immediately given.

Meanwhile, keep your child clean, meet their nutritional needs, compress swollen parts with warm compresses, avoid foods, drinks or medications that might be causing allergies, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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