Child’s Testicles Often Go Up?

Illustration of Child’s Testicles Often Go Up?
Illustration: Child’s Testicles Often Go Up?

, guess “for children who have problems with their testes, how is the solution … sorry, ank I if the testicles are always groaning in pain … never take them to the clinic but the clinic doesn’t know … take it to the massage provider there are the results, but around 1 or 2 more days, please advise and a solution

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Hello Daus,

Thank you for the question.

Naturally, a boy will have 2 testicles on the right and left side of his penis. Generally, the position of the testicles is not exactly symmetrical between the right and left sides, but one of them is more upward, while the other is more downward. This does not always indicate an illness. However, if indeed this condition appears accompanied by pain, then there could be indeed a problem, for example:

  Hernia scrotalis (intestines that descend into the testicles due to the weakening of the abdominal wall) Hydrocele (fluid buildup in the testicles) Varicoceles (incompetence of the testicular vein valves that cause swelling) Torsion of the testicles (twisted testicles) Other factors, such as undescended testicles, orchitis, testicular cancer, contact dermatitis, insect bites, epididymitis, urinary tract infections, nerve nerves, etc. Ensuring exactly what causes your child's condition cannot be careless. First, you need to have your child checked by a doctor, pediatrician, or pediatric surgeon so that you can do a direct physical examination and illumination test related to his condition. If you feel there is a disease, the doctor can direct your child to undergo an ultrasound and other supporting tests according to the suspicion of the disease. Depending on the cause, your child's condition may be sufficiently observed, given medication, or also operated on so as not to lead to dangerous complications.

For now, you should calm your child first. Don't carelessly massage your child's testicles, especially when they are painful or swollen. Ask your child to rest a lot, give him loose pants and comfortable to wear, do not let him lift heavy loads, prevent children from constipation so as not to push excessively (such as by giving him lots to drink, eating lots of vegetables and fruit).

Hope this helps ...

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