Chills, Fever, Dizziness And Weight Loss?

Illustration of Chills, Fever, Dizziness And Weight Loss?
Illustration: Chills, Fever, Dizziness And Weight Loss?

Hello, my name is Vita. Aged 20 years, I want to ask, I often experience dizziness, the body shivered with cold but my body temperature is hot, now my body weight decreased 3 kg. I guess what caused it? Thanks.

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Hello, Vita, thank you for asking

Shivering, fever (body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius), dizziness, and weight loss can be caused by several possible causes, such as infections (for example: dengue fever, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, etc.), the presence of inflammatory processes in the body, hormonal disorders (for example thyroid gland disorders), to blood disorders.

The signs and symptoms that you experience are still very common, so a more detailed and objective examination by a doctor is needed. The doctor will ask questions about symptoms that occur, since when the symptoms appear, until your general medical history. After that, the doctor will examine your body from vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, breathing) to general body examinations. If necessary, the doctor will carry out investigations such as blood tests.

Relieve fever with paracetamol or ibuprofen. Get plenty of rest and sleep, drink and eat according to your daily fluid and nutritional needs, and avoid stress to prevent worsening of symptoms.

Do not delay to see a doctor especially if there has been an accidental weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, fever that does not go down with heat-lowering drugs (paracetamol / ibuprofen), coughing for more than 2 weeks, weakness, shortness of breath, to a history of faint / loss of consciousness.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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