Chlamydia Examination Lab Results?

Illustration of Chlamydia Examination Lab Results?
Illustration: Chlamydia Examination Lab Results?

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Please note first that the results of lab tests cannot stand alone. To diagnose a disease a doctor requires anamnesis, physical examination, and if necessary combined with the results of investigations. Therefore it is difficult to interpret your condition based on just one lab result. Besides, each lab has a standard normal value which can be slightly different.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease caused by C trachomatis infection. Chlamydia can cause several symptoms after 1-3 weeks including pain when urinating, pain in the testicles, white discharge from the penis, while in women it can cause bleeding after intercourse, vaginal discharge, menstrual cycle disorders, and lower abdominal pain. If penile or vaginal discharge gets into the eyes, it can also cause symptoms of red, sore, swollen, and watery eyes.

To diagnose chlamydia, the doctor will perform anamnesis, physical examination, and if necessary, perform supporting examinations such as urine tests, vaginal or penile fluid tests. This urine or genital fluid sample will then be subjected to a NAAT (nucleic acid amplification test) test. A blood test for chlamydia is not recommended because it can give a false positive result.

IgM examination includes serological examination which indicates an acute infection, while the IgG marker indicates the presence of infection that occurred in the past. Borderline results generally require reexamination. However, serological examination for chlamydia alone without other tests is also less recommended.

If you have a history of free sex or feel the symptoms of chlamydia, you should first consult with your doctor so that you can do an initial examination and then carry out the necessary investigations. If there is a chlamydia infection, the doctor can provide the appropriate drugs. Treatment of chlamydia is with antibiotics.

Here are some tips for preventing chlamydia:

Avoid casual sex
Use condoms when having sex
Postpone intercourse during the treatment period
Couples should also check and be treated if infected too
Keep your sex organs clean

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