Chlorphenamine Maleate?

Illustration of Chlorphenamine Maleate?
Illustration: Chlorphenamine Maleate?

I tried a child with a cold at the age of 15 months at the health center, because there is no doctor, but the drug chlorphenamine maleate 4mg 3×1 / 2 years old. In fact, 1-2 years cm 1 mg shri.gmn y I have already taken 2x.

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There are many causes for a cold cough in children, the most common of which is allergies. In addition, it can also happen that a cold cough occurs due to an infection, it can be limited to the respiratory tract, it can also occur in other organ systems but has prodromal symptoms resembling a respiratory tract infection.

Overcoming a cold cough needs to be adjusted according to the possible causes. And determining the cause of this cold cough can be done through interviews, physical examination, or supporting examinations (for example, laboratory tests or X-rays) if necessary. General practitioners, as well as pediatricians, also have competence in overcoming cold coughs in children. However, the competence of a pediatrician is more specific.

CTM (chlorpheniramine maleate) is an antihistamine class drug that is useful in overcoming colds and also itching (including itching in the nose and throat that is often experienced by sufferers of cold coughs). This drug can be given to children in various doses determined not only from the child's age, but also body posture, the severity of the symptoms that appear, the history of the illness, and various other factors. It could be, children of the same age need different doses of drugs because of different postures or also due to variations in other factors as mentioned above.

Therefore, you need to confirm this directly with the doctor who previously examined your child, because he is the one who best knows the considerations for the administration of the drug and the dosage. If you are in doubt, you can also seek a second opinion by checking your child again with a doctor or other pediatrician.

Meanwhile, to speed up the healing of a cold cough, try the following tips:

Give the child breast milk
Also give children water and nutritious complementary foods, rich in vitamin C.
Cut down on greasy foods and cold drinks
Keep the child away from dust, cold and other airborne irritants
Improve cleanliness and air circulation around the child's residence
Keep children away from cigarettes and smoke
Also keep children away from adults who are sick with a cough and cold
Give children time to rest more

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