Cholesterol Relationship With High Hb And Bilirubin Levels?

Illustration of Cholesterol Relationship With High Hb And Bilirubin Levels?
Illustration: Cholesterol Relationship With High Hb And Bilirubin Levels?

I want to ask when the Hb level and bilirubin levels are high above normal why can it affect cholesterol or even affect the results of the cholesterol test itself? Thank you

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Hello Ayu Thank you for asking Aldodokter.

Hemoglobin or Hb is a protein in red blood cells that functions to provide oxygen throughout the body. Normal hemoglobin levels will differ depending on age and gender. Normal hb levels in adult women are 12-15 grams per deciliter. Hemoglobin levels that are high above normal can indicate health problems.

Hemoglobin levels that are high above normal can be caused by the following possibilities:

The need for oxygen capisatas increases, for example, people who live in high land will have hb levels that are higher than normal
Bone marrow disorders
Improper use of drugs
lung disease, or smoking.

Meanwhile, bilirubin is a brownish pigment that can be found in the blood, bile organs and stool. Bilirubin is produced in the body due to the breakdown of hemoglobin in old red blood cells, which then moves through the liver and is excreted by the body. In adults, normal levels of bilirubin in the blood range from 0-0.4 mg per deciliter. And elevated bilirubin levels can also indicate certain diseases. For example:

Hemolytic anemia, in this case the hemoglobin continues to be broken down in young red blood cells, as a result, the hemoglobin level drops, and the bilirubin rises.
Liver infection or hepatitis
Gallbladder infection

Cholesterol in the blood binds to proteins called lipoproteins so that the levels can be determined through blood tests. Lipoprtein is divided into:

LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein or often called bad fat because if high levels can accumulate in the blood vessels and the risk of heart attack, stroke can increase.
VLDL or Very Low Density Lipoprotein means that it contains little protein, but high levels can increase the risk of heart attack due to buildup in blood vessels
HDL or High Density Lipoprotein can be called good fat, because it will help remove fat from the body

In checking cholesterol levels, a blood sample is taken and then checked into the laboratory. In general, the sample that will be used in checking cholesterol is blood plasma, where lipoproteins will be found in the blood plasma. The blood component itself consists of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Where hemoglobin is a protein element found in red blood cells. Thus the examination of blood cholesterol in blood plasma will be separated from the hemoglobin level in red blood cells, so that the hemoglobin level itself does not directly affect the results of checking blood cholesterol levels.

However, in several studies that examined fat on red blood cells, it was found that cholesterol was bound to hemoglobin. However, further research is needed on the mechanism of this.

Several studies have also stated that hemoglobin levels are related to the particle size of lipoproteins. Wherein high hemoglobin levels are associated with larger VLDL particle size, smaller LDL particle size and, smaller HDL particle size, and an increase in the number of VLDL and LDL particles. So some studies have concluded that high hemoglobin concentrations have a bad association with lipoprotein particles, and these bad protein particles can increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The following research journals you can read more about the relationship between hemoglobin levels and lipoproteins: Hemoglobin Level and Lipoprotein Particle Size

If you find high hemoglobin and bilirubin levels and abnormal results of cholesterol in the blood, you should consult an internal medicine doctor for further treatment.

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