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Mmm, I’m Mona, I’m 22 years old, I’m married and have 1 daughter, I was born with SC, now my child is 7 months old, I want it, I want to put on a birth control but one that doesn’t make me fat, what kind of KB is right for me? And if the implant is safe or not and can it be fat in body or not? Thank you in advance.

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Planning the distance between gestational ages is very important for a prosperous family. This arrangement is by choosing the right method and means of contraception. Contraception is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.

There are natural ways to delay pregnancy, such as:

Avoid sexual intercourse when a woman is in her most fertile period, calculate the fertile period by calculating the calendar (10-14 days after the first day of the last menstruation), checking body temperature and changes in vaginal fluid, pulling the penis out before ejaculation. Other methods include:

KB pills Male condoms injectable KB IUD implants Most contraceptives that affect hormones also affect weight gain, for example KB pills, KB injections, implants. Methods that have minimal effect on body weight are IUDs, condoms and natural methods. For further use of contraception, consult with your obstetrician to get more precise directions and explanations according to your health condition.

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