Choosing Facial Care Products For Sensitive Skin?

Illustration of Choosing Facial Care Products For Sensitive Skin?
Illustration: Choosing Facial Care Products For Sensitive Skin?

I have tried cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and sebamed cleansing bars for oily skin. sebamed cleansing bar for oily skin and simple products (toner) but I have acne scars that do not disappear. I want to clean my face without ruining my face. can the doctor give me a solution?

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Hi Nfarah, thank you for asking

Acne and acne scars have become a problem that is quite disturbing for many people. Although it is not harmful to the body as a whole, but the impact of acne on one's self-confidence can interfere with one's daily activities and one's psychological condition.

Acne is a medical condition that occurs due to the closure of skin pores by oil and dead skin cells. If there is a buildup of blockages, blackheads will occur (keep in mind blackheads are also a form of acne, yes). Blackheads themselves are whiteheads / blackheads (the blockage is still covered by the skin) and blackhead (the blockage is open and exposed directly to free air). If our faces are dirty or our hands are 'stubborn' holding on or squeezing blackheads, bacteria from the hands can enter and infect our acne and cause inflammation, so that the pimples are shaped like bumps or can be filled with pus and feel painful.

Acne itself can be found at all ages, however, it is most often found in adolescents, like you. This is because in adolescence / puberty, hormone levels in the body are very high, in this case the hormone testosterone. Besides functioning for the growth and development of the body, this hormone also apparently affects the production of oil glands in the skin. So, if the hormone levels are high, oil production in the skin will also increase a lot. In addition to adolescence, some conditions that increase the risk of acne are hereditary factors, in women acne can become more common during menstruation, pregnancy, or certain medical conditions that affect hormones. The use of steroid drugs is also associated with an increase in acne.

It's good that you recognize your skin type. In people with sensitive skin, skin is very easy to experience allergies and irritation or inflammation. The use of facial cleansing soap, facial care medicines, and cosmetics must really be considered. My advice, try not to change the facial wash soap too quickly and often, because we do not know which soap is really suitable for our skin. It could be that the irritation that actually occurs is only caused by one product. So that by giving time for other facial washing soap to work, we can know really the effectiveness of the soap

On the face with acne and sensitive, there are several things to note:

Don't wash your face more than twice a day. This is because washing your face too often can actually irritate your skin and worsen your symptoms. Wash your face with mild facial soap and warm water. Don't try to clean or squeeze blackheads because this is what causes the appearance of acne scars. Avoid using cosmetics that are too thick (because can clog pores) and use cosmetics products that are water-based (water-based) and proven non-comedogenic (do not trigger acne) Make sure you clean cosmetics before sleeping And what is rarely considered is, wash your hair regularly and avoid dirty hair sticking to face skin. To deal with the problem of acne scars, this does require patience and time. Acne scars can arise due to the habit of squeezing zits, but there are also some people who are more prone to experiencing acne scars, even if the zits are not squeezed, for example in people with sensitive skin. Acne scars themselves also vary, there are skin color acne scars that only turn blackish brown or some are acne scars into holes. This certainly will affect what treatment options are suitable for removing the acne scars. You can try several ways to reduce acne scars here and here.

My advice, keep your facial skin clean and use products that are suitable for your skin type. If pimples or acne scars are very annoying, you can check or consult with a dermatologist for examination and can discuss about products that are suitable for your skin type.

Hope it is useful, Nfarah ...


dr. Sheryl Serelia

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