Choosing The Right Diet?

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amualaikumrI’m 13 years old but I’m on a diet. I want to ask what diet is suitable for school children who come home at 6 o’clock, right?

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Be careful about dieting. Actually, it is necessary to consider whether the purpose of the diet itself, whether to lose weight or the correct diet.

Many people misinterpret diet to lose weight, many lose weight the wrong way, namely by not eating or in other similar ways. This can cause diseases that will appear later in the day after doing a diet such as:

gastritis / stomach ulcers, gastric ulcers, hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, syncope headaches / fainting, growth disorders (considering your age is still growing) You should pay attention to the right diet, which is to eat regularly 3 times a day with the right portion or small but often, outside of mealtimes if hungry eat healthy snacks such as vegetables or fruit, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit, get enough rest, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, avoid eating snacks or snack snacks can quickly gain weight.

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