Chronic Back Pain?

Illustration of Chronic Back Pain?
Illustration: Chronic Back Pain?

Good morning. nDok, it’s been almost 2 months since I felt pain in the upper / lower back, waist, and shoulders. Sometimes the pain moves and turns, but I feel pressure on my back every day with a different intensity. The pain in the back feels like in the spine and gets worse when I ride the motorbike, I also easily experience tingling in the legs and hands but it feels mild and goes away within a few minutes. N2 weeks ago I did a spinal X-ray and the results were no abnormalities in the bones back, there was no sign of HNP, and soft tissue looked good. However, MRI is recommended. N1 this week my stomach also feels like cramps, but there is no indigestion or decreased appetite. N2 today my right leg is also painful, but there is no difficulty walking. my complaint? nThank you n

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Pain in any part of the body, in general, can occur due to the following possibilities:

Injury Nerve disorders Infection Impaired blood flow Tissue damage

In your case, since you have done various tests and all of them are showing normal results so far, it is time to consider the last possibility, namely a psychosomatic state. This condition is when your thoughts affect the physical symptoms you feel. And in fact, the complaints you describe more specifically describe this psychosomatic state than physical pain, with pain that is shifting, erratic, and the results of normal physical and supporting examinations.

As for what you need to know about this psychosomatic disorder, although it is often considered the last possibility, it does not mean it is not a serious disease. So far, psychological complaints are considered the latest because they are emergency, they are the least emergency and the least life threatening. But in terms of disease degree, it is as important as any other disease.

To find out about this psychosomatic illness you really need to be honest with yourself about what you are feeling, you are buried, you are worried or anxious. If you have found or even have difficulty knowing the trigger, we suggest that you check your condition with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists as the most skilled specialist in mental and mental affairs, can help you to know more about your problem and may be able to help offer solutions to these problems. And once the problem is over, all your complaints will go away on their own. Treatment that can be used is in the form of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, relaxation, acupuncture, physiotherapy and so on.

Meanwhile at home, you can try simple relaxation methods, inhale aromatherapy, do yoga, and meditate. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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