Chronic Cheeks Swollen After A Motorcycle Accident?

Illustration of Chronic Cheeks Swollen After A Motorcycle Accident?
Illustration: Chronic Cheeks Swollen After A Motorcycle Accident?

I want to ask, so this, I had an accident and fell from a motorcycle, I fell down which caused my chin and cheeks to hit and scratched the asphalt until the wound, after that I was immediately taken to the hospital and hospitalized for several days because there were stitches on my chin and I also experienced a slight brain commotion, because that incident my right cheek swelled, the longer the wound dried up and the swelling was slightly deflated, after the wound was completely healed the right cheek still looked slightly swollen because it was very clearly visible the difference between the left cheek and right cheek, because there is no pain so I leave it for more than 1 year after the incident, my right cheek still looks swollen and looks very different from the left cheek, if touched even the right cheek feels harder than the left cheek. The question is, is it okay for me to leave it alone, and is there a way to get my right cheek back to normal? Thank you

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A history of trauma you have experienced a number of years ago with a head bang, chin and cheek area; but the incident left a complaint of swelling of the side or right side of the cheek, then this might be caused by scarring in the injured trauma area on the pip. Scarring that may appear is a form of the body's defense or recovery system from the wounds you experience. However, the abdominal tissue from the wound healed, usually will give the impression of complaints in the form of a firmer, denser area than the surrounding area. If the appearance of your left and right cheeks is not symmetrical, and at this time the complaint that you feel is not clinically or aesthetically disturbing, then it is likely that the condition you are complaining about does not require special treatment. However, if this complaint bothers you, then you should consult with a plastic surgeon. The doctor will conduct interviews and direct examinations to ensure that treatment steps can be taken.

Apart from the presence of scar tissue in the wound, other conditions can also trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

1. a bone deformity or cheek bone deformity due to cheek bone fracture

2. the presence of cysts in the area of ​​the tissue that is traumatized

3. skin scarring

Because these complaints have been around for a long time and may make you uncomfortable, you should consult a doctor who treats you during a trauma or consult directly with a plastic surgeon in your city. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and if necessary, supporting examinations can be done such as radiological examinations. The results of the examination will be a doctor's reference to help reduce your complaints or help restore swelling of the cheeks that might be bothering you.

For now, in general, there is no specific action you can take for this complaint unless you consult directly with the surgeon.

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