Chronic Joint Injury

Illustration of Chronic Joint Injury
Illustration: Chronic Joint Injury

Hello doc, my name is Bathara, I have a few questions that I want to ask. 1. When I was a teenager, I injured my shoulder, my shoulder was sliding because of a fight of youth, and after that my shoulders shifted frequently if I had spontaneous movements, especially when winter is more common, each shoulder sliding open shoulder position can not be moved, after I forced the movement, the shoulder returned to normal, but it hurts a lot. This condition has been going on for 17 years, my question is whether it can be cured as before when? and what happens to my shoulder? 2. all my joints with the passage of time like knees, hips, jaw often sounds and sometimes aches, especially the jaw and knee most often, often the knee often aches when I move wrong, jaw also aches when yawning, and never had time to hook it too. my question, what’s wrong with my bones? is it because of the fragile bones doc? For info My height is 182 cmWeight 106 kgThe age of 33 years

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Shoulder dislocation is a condition when the knob of the upper arm bone detaches from the shoulder joint. When the shoulder has experienced a dislocation, in the future there will be a risk of experiencing a dislocation event again. Furthermore, if the condition recurs it is called chronic instability of the shoulder joint. This can be influenced by the following factors:

1. Young age
2. Sports with high intensity
3. Deltoid muscular insufficiency or rotatir cuff along with current abnormalities
4. A history of traumatic dislocation in other joints that is in line with current abnormalities
5. Weak ligament structure

In chronic instability surgery can be recommended. The operation aims to improve the position, and tighten the supporting network that is already weak or even torn. Therefore do consult with an orthopedic specialist for further evaluation.

That's all, hope you can help.

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