Chronic Pain When Wisdom Teeth Are Growing?

Illustration of Chronic Pain When Wisdom Teeth Are Growing?
Illustration: Chronic Pain When Wisdom Teeth Are Growing?

, want to ask, I am 21 years old, I started to feel pain in the back of my teeth from the age of 19 years over. So a total of about 1.5 years I have felt pain, I have counted the total number of relapses or illnesses, maybe up to tens, because every time I catch a fever or body heat tension increases, the next day my gums hurt again, and that is until now. My question is, is this normal? , is there a faster way so that the back of the gums won’t hurt again?

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Pain is normal to feel when the back molars (wisdom teeth) are growing. However, this pain usually only lasts until the tooth has penetrated the gums, after which the pain will decrease and disappear. If you continue to have pain in your wisdom tooth accompanied by wisdom teeth that don't come out after 1.5 years, then it is very likely that your wisdom tooth has been impacted or stuck and cannot come out.

Impacts on wisdom teeth are quite common. Impacted wisdom teeth can occur because the gums are not big enough to fit the teeth or wisdom teeth are tilted so that they cannot come out and push the adjacent tooth. To ensure this condition, you should check with your dentist first. The dentist will advise you to do a panoramic dental x-ray to confirm the position of your wisdom teeth. If it is true that your wisdom tooth is impacted, then your dentist may recommend performing wisdom tooth removal surgery. Wisdom tooth removal surgery is the only therapy currently available to treat impacted wisdom teeth.

Allowing your teeth to be impacted without treatment can cause several health problems, including:

Pain in the gums, jaw, which can cause chronic headaches Swelling of the gums to the cheeks Swelling of the lymph nodes Shift in the teeth in front of the teeth Malocclusion (the upper and lower teeth do not close completely) To be able to temporarily relieve pain, you can compress Your cheek is in the sore tooth with cold compresses / ice cubes, and take painkillers such as paracetamol. This solution can only provide temporary pain relief.

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