Classification For Thalassemia Hbe?

Illustration of Classification For Thalassemia Hbe?
Illustration: Classification For Thalassemia Hbe?

, I want to ask if Hbe’s thalassemia includes Stakes, how much is that? Thank you

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HbE thalassemia is a form of beta thalassemia in which there is a mixed or heterozygous occurrence of hemogloin E and beta thalassemia, which is more common in Southeast Asian populations than in American or European populations. . Can be divided into forms of light, medium, and heavy.

A mild condition is that hemoglobin levels are still in the normal range of around 9 -12 g / dl and usually do not have significant symptoms, in this condition it is usually rarely done routine treatment.
For moderate forms, a decrease in Hb usually starts around 6-8 g / dl with usually mild symptoms such as weakness appearing more pale, easy to feel weak. Usually this is the most frequent form
Weight is a very low Hb condition of around 4-5 g / dl, where this is very rare. With conditions that would normally be very pale, there could be enlargement of organs especially the liver and spleen.

Usually it can be seen for conditions that occur regarding the classification experienced, so that treatment will be in accordance with the conditions experienced. Usually a transfusion is needed in severe conditions. In mild cases, it is usually necessary to have routine checks, and good food is

Avoid foods that are too high in iron such as green vegetables
Limit your intake of red meat to prevent excessive zinc buildup
Vitamin D needs to be enough to be obtained from eggs, milk, yogurt.
Vitamin C is high for maintaining immunity and as an antioxidant

It is better to find out the classification conditions that you experience further checking with your doctor, especially internal medicine doctor

More information in this article.

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