Clavicle Fracture?

Illustration of Clavicle Fracture?
Illustration: Clavicle Fracture?

My husband’s clavicle bone doctor is still on the pen because the problem was once broken … There is a suggestion that you shouldn’t play soccer … What is the medical connection? What will later tired then affect the bones or what?

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Need to clarify, exactly when your husband has a broken bone and when the pen is installed? What is the type of bone fracture (cracked, broken and shifted, broken, or other)? After the installation of the pen, has your husband undergone control to the doctor until he is recovered?

Bones that have been broken have a higher risk of breaking back if forged with excessive pressure and strain. For that reason, even though it has been handled well and is declared cured by doctors, sufferers of broken bones, including clavicle fractures, are strongly advised to limit activities that are too heavy, including heavy exercise.

Sports soccer, although it seems to give priority to the movement of the lower limbs, more or less will also cause other body areas, including the chest, hands, shoulders, and torso to actively move. When kicked, not infrequently the ball can also hit other body parts unexpectedly. For this reason the doctor recommends that your husband do this sport. So, not solely due to fatigue.

How long a person who has broken a bone and underwent pen need to limit his activities, the answer can vary greatly, depending on the type of bone fracture, treatment provided, nutritional intake, and general health condition of the patient.

Without checking your husband's condition directly, of course we are not authorized to decide whether it is safe or not for your husband to play soccer. Moreover, only armed with short information as you submit. To be safe, you better invite your husband to consult directly with a doctor or orthopedic specialist who treated him before yes ..

I hope this helps.

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