Cleaning Tartar?

Illustration of Cleaning Tartar?
Illustration: Cleaning Tartar?

Good afternoon. I wanted to ask my dimas incisors shake, possibly due to the existing tartar. if I clean tartar maybe my teeth are back to normal. And also I use the stirrup top, can I clean the top and bottom tartar without removing the stirrup.

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Hello Dimas,

Where do you install your stirrup? Is it at the dentist? Tartar can indeed cause further problems if it is not cleaned. Tartar is formed from food scraps mixed with bacteria to form plaque and then the plaque hardens. Tartar is difficult to clean alone. Therefore it is highly recommended to visit the dentist for a routine dental examination and tartar cleaning. Tartar is cleaned by dental scaling procedure.

Unclean tartar can lead to further risks such as poor oral hygiene because toothbrushes and flossing become less effective, cavities, gum irritation and inflammation, tooth shake and date, and heavier ones indirectly trigger heart disease and stroke.

Rocking teeth can be related to tartar, but can also be associated with a history of impact, cavities, infection and inflammation of the teeth and gums, and gum shrinkage. Shaky teeth require continued treatment by the dentist. There are several options for handling tooth shake that can be adjusted to the patient's condition, for example by dental readjustment, tooth splinting, and tooth extraction if it is not possible to maintain.

Back to your question, the best step you can take right now is to consult or control with a dentist so that you can check directly in relation to the condition of your shaking teeth and at the same time stirrup treatment evaluation. The next treatment will be adjusted to the results of your dental examination. If there is tartar, chances are the dentist will do the scaling, if there is inflammation and infection the dentist will provide treatment for you. While rocking teeth can be given further treatment as above if possible.

Henceforth, you should maintain oral and dental hygiene with a toothbrush 2x a day in the morning and before going to bed at night, rinse after eating, use dental floss, drink lots of water, reduce sweet and sticky foods, and make sure to do dental care only with the dentist yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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