Illustration of Cleanliness
Illustration: Cleanliness

Good evening, doc. I want to ask my 3-year-old child if I take a normal shower using Lifboy soap, what I want to ask is why is it misV if it is exposed to poignant soap, but if it’s not going to pee hurts it doesn’t hurt … it hurts.

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Hello Rina, thank you for asking at

Bath soap, although declared safe and specifically for children, is still not recommended for cleaning the female area because it can cause interference with the pH of the female area (vagina), causing the area to become more susceptible to infection.

In addition, because the skin in the female area is more sensitive than the skin in other areas of the body, the use of public soap in that area is very vulnerable to cause allergic reactions or irritation to the skin that can cause complaints such as that experienced by your child.

Therefore, for the time being, try not to get the area affected or cleaned using soap to avoid complaints. To help keep the area clean, you can do the following things for your child:

Keep the female area dry after bathing and urinating
Avoid using any soap in the area, especially those that have fragrances
Avoid wearing underwear and tight pants on your child
Wear underwear that is made from soft and comfortable
Avoid using topical drugs or any ingredients in the area to avoid worsening complaints

If you have made the above recommendations but the complaint still continues or gets worse (there appears to be redness or other irritation symptoms in your child's femininity) then it is advisable to check the complaint further directly to the doctor to get further therapy.

I hope this helps.

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