Clear Liquid After Breast Surgery?

Illustration of Clear Liquid After Breast Surgery?
Illustration: Clear Liquid After Breast Surgery?

Morning, my mother has finished running the left breast removal surgery and it has been 10 days after the surgery that there are still clear liquids inside each time even though each dressing has been removed frequently, if I can know what the cause is and how to deal with it so that the wound dry quickly and food what is recommended for it. Thank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

In a surgical scar if what is seen is a small amount of seepage in the bandage, it may originate from a capillary injury that can stop on its own. If so, it does not cause dangerous conditions.

What needs to be done is to change the bandage regularly every time the bandage looks seeping. Along with good wound healing, the seepage will decrease until the wound closes.

The following are normal secretions from surgical scars, including:
1. The secretions are colorless, or yellowish or slightly pink.
2. The discharge is runny and causes the gauze to be slightly damp.
3. Secretions do not smell
4. Even if they contain very little blood.
5. Redness and swelling that decreases every day.

However, if the opposite happens, namely active bleeding with fresh blood that is constantly coming out, or pus formed, it is better to do pressure on the area to prevent more bleeding, then immediately check with a doctor to get treatment.

Food ingredients that can help the healing process of the wound to quickly close are high protein foods such as cork fish, egg whites, or meat.

That's all, hope you can help

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