Clear Liquid Comes Out Of The Child’s Ear?

Illustration of Clear Liquid Comes Out Of The Child’s Ear?
Illustration: Clear Liquid Comes Out Of The Child’s Ear?

Hello, my child 2 days ago, woke up from a nap suddenly crying nervously while holding his right ear. He said it hurts, I think ants or something, after a few hours no more fussing then I asked still sick or not, he replied not sick. clear liquid came out from inside his right ear. I asked if his ears hurt, he lied and said he was not sick because maybe I was afraid to take him to the doctor. Before my child was having a cold and coughing up phlegm, did it affect me? Should I go to the ENT doctor? If I come to public poly, can it work? What would have happened if I had left it alone, would it have been able to heal itself? If I go to the doctor about what actions will be taken by the doctor? Sorry many questions, I was confused, so I got the best solution here before seeing the doctor. NB: my child is 4th

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Need to be explored further about the condition of discharge from the ear that your child is experiencing. Keep in mind since when the complaint arises, whether it is a condition that was first experienced, whether there is a trigger factor (discharge after a collision or accident, accompanied by cough, runny nose, fever, after swimming), other symptoms experienced (fever, cough, runny nose , redness of the ear), history of previous ear ailments, history of treatment that you have given related complaints.

Fluid discharge from the ear can be caused by several possible causes, including otitis externa, otitis media effusion, chronic suppurative otitis media, acute otitis media, trauma to the ear canal and / or tympanic membrane, malignancy in the ear region. Infection in the respiratory tract can have an effect on the ear because it is connected through the eustachian tube. It is recommended to consult an ENT doctor regarding further examination and management. Can be given oral medication to help deal with coughs, colds or ear drops and ointments if needed. Treatment will be tailored to your child's condition.

Avoid giving self-medication without doctor's instructions, avoid trying to clean your own ears with a bud bud.

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