Clear Liquid That Comes Out Of The Vagina And Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Clear Liquid That Comes Out Of The Vagina And Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Clear Liquid That Comes Out Of The Vagina And Late Menstruation?

Morning, I want to ask about my Miss V problem. Last September I should have had my period on September 29, but it turned out that I was late for my period and only came out in October. usually sick like menstruation. At first I thought that I was jumping around because urine came out but after coming out again it turned out like a clear liquid that came out of my Miss V. And the pain gradually continued until October 21, but on the 21st day I bled visibly u0026amp; there is a thin volume of menstruation every time with a moderate volume, I think that I will menstruate twice a month. r nThe next day the blood does not come out again, but clear liquid u0026amp; smells a bit fishy and it still comes out until now and I have to always wear sanitary pads so my underwear won’t get wet. r n What do you think this is? Please confirm, thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for the question

Vaginal discharge or discharge from the body from the vagina that occurs normally will experience changes according to the menstrual cycle in the form of thick and sticky fluid in the entire cycle but more fluid and clear when ovulation occurs. Still within normal limits if the body's vaginal discharge occurs more often during stress, pregnancy or sexual activity. Vaginal discharge is abnormal if there are changes in color, consistency, volume, and smell.

Usually occurs in the genital area of ​​women aged over 12 years, marked by changes in the body of the body accompanied by one or more symptoms of itching, pain, pain during urination, pelvic pain, bleeding between menstruation or post-sexual bleeding.

The cause of discharge is divided into infection and non-infection problems. Non-infectious problems can be due to foreign bodies, inflammation due to allergies or irritation, tumors, descent, while infection problems can be caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses as follows:

1. Candidiasis vaginitis, caused by Candida albicans, body odorless, pH <4.5, there is redness in the vagina or outside the vagina

2. Bacterial vaginosis (growth of anaerobic bacteria, usually Gardnerella vaginalis), shows the presence of white or gray duh that sticks along the vaginal and vulva walls, has a fishy odor with a pH> 4.5.

3. Cervicitis caused by chlamydia, with symptoms of cervical inflammation that bleeds easily and is accompanied by thick thighs and is white

4. Trichomoniasis, often asymptomatic, if symptomatic, appear yellowish greenish, foaming, fishy odor and pH> 4.5.

5. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) caused by chlamydia, characterized by lower abdominal pain, with or without fever.

6. Gonorrhea

7. Other sexually transmitted infections

8. Or the presence of a foreign object (for example tampons or condoms that have been forgotten were removed)

To diagnose abnormalities that you feel can be done by a physical examination by a doctor including visualization of the vagina and cervix using a speculum, vaginal smear examination, or examination of the vagina under the microscope.

Treatment will be according to the cause of your vaginal discharge. While maintaining the cleanliness of the female area by routinely changing panties, not using deodorizing soap, and avoiding risky sexual behavior.

So, I hope this information can help you

dr. Farah

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