Clear Spots On The Face And Around The Chest To The Point Of Bleeding?

Illustration of Clear Spots On The Face And Around The Chest To The Point Of Bleeding?
Illustration: Clear Spots On The Face And Around The Chest To The Point Of Bleeding?

Good afternoon, my child is 1 year 9 months old, it has been a few months that spots have appeared on her face and around her chest, the spots appear and are clear, if they burst they will bleed, I have checked with the doctor, given ointments and medicines but they do not go away, according to the pediatrician I can not get fat because there are spots, the fat will run away, but my child is not fussy, he is still active, when sleeping at night, he often itches in the areas where the spots are exposed

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Hi Desi,

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The appearance of clear rashes that contain blood and feel itchy in children may cause many triggers. A direct physical examination is required to identify the cause of these nodules. In addition, in some conditions, it is also necessary to carry out blood tests, allergy tests, and tissue smears from the nodules that appear to be examined microscopically. Therefore, if the nodule has appeared for months without any significant improvement after a doctor's examination, you should check your child again with a skin and genital specialist.

Some of the possibilities that can cause complaints as your child experienced, namely:

Infections, for example tinea versicolor (tinea versicolor), warts, varicella (chickenpox), herpes zoster (shingles), impetigo, folliculitis, miliaria (prickly heat) Allergic contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with allergic substances) Irritant contact dermatitis ( skin inflammation due to contact with irritating substances) Atopic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation triggered by a hypersensitivity reaction) Drug eruptions, etc. As mentioned above, before complaints spread and are more difficult to cure, you should do an early examination. That way, handling can be done more quickly and the potential for recovery will be greater.

In the meantime, what you should do is:

Give understanding to the child not to hold, scratch, or peel off the rash that appears Diligently wash the child's hands and shorten their nails Bathe the child 2 times a day with soap specially formulated for babies Do not rub the rash excessively on the child's body, including when drying with a towel Give Children wear comfortable, loose clothing, and soft materials. Do not allow children to exchange clothes or towels with other people. Take care of the child's immune system by giving him breast milk and solid complementary foods which have high nutritional value. Do not give any medication to nodules without a doctor's advice.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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