Clear White Discharge Accompanied By Blood After A Miscarriage?

Illustration of Clear White Discharge Accompanied By Blood After A Miscarriage?
Illustration: Clear White Discharge Accompanied By Blood After A Miscarriage?

Hello. My name is isti, I am 30 years old. I want to tell stories and ask questions. I miscarried the first pregnancy in UK 8w, at that time the doctor diagnosed me with BO and had to curette. But I wanted my husband’s permission, but it turned out that I had a spontaneous miscarriage, and was given an injection by the midwife to remove the rest. About 10 days because I didn’t bleed again, I had another ultrasound and the doctor’s card still had the remaining tissue a little bit, the doctor advised me to wait until I had my first period. And before I got pregnant I had my period on the 15th. And now I experience characteristics such as menstruation, but what comes out is a clear white fluid with blood, after 3 days the blood that comes out tends to be less like my normal period. My question is r n1. Is it menstruation or still including postpartum blood because it cleans the rest of the tissue. Even though I haven’t bled for more than a week. R n2. When can I get pregnant again after a miscarriage. Because I consulted with different doctors they said different things. Doctor 1 said I had to be empty for 2 months, while the other doctor didn’t need to be empty. R n r nThat’s all my questions, sorry long. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Isti

When a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, the process that occurs is the same as when a woman gives birth, so both of them will experience a phase known as childbirth. During pregnancy, the placental tissue functions to provide food to the fetus, when a miscarriage or childbirth occurs, this placental tissue will be removed so that the uterus contracts and experiences tearing, from this event eventually arises blood flowing from the genitals which is called postpartum blood. During the puerperium period, the mother must be careful because health problems such as bleeding or infection can occur in this phase. The puerperium usually lasts for 4-6 weeks. Even though patients in the puerperium are allowed to go home, it would be nice if you regularly check with the doctor to ensure that the recovery process is going well.

Responding to your questions:

1. If the miscarriage is less than 6 weeks, it is most likely that the blood coming out of the genitals is postpartum blood, but if it is past 6 weeks then it is most likely menstrual blood. However, an infection such as pelvic inflammation also needs to be considered if there is blood from the genitals outside the menstrual cycle.

2. When the puerperium ends, the uterus will release an egg again. The unfertilized egg will shed so that there is menstrual blood. Pregnancy occurs when a mature egg meets sperm, so in theory pregnancy can occur since the uterus re-releases the egg, but it must also be considered that the condition of the uterus is good enough to prepare for a pregnancy again, because if the uterus and the birth canal have not been injured completely healed will certainly increase the risk of infection or bleeding during intercourse, so to make it safer you should postpone the pregnancy program for several months after the miscarriage.

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