Close Maternal Age?

I am a 27-year-old woman now that I am pregnant, the problem is I already have a 20-month-old child, then just now I had a pregnancy test again. How about my ASI? Even though I still provide exclusive breastfeeding even though sometimes it is helped by formula milk, will it affect my first child’s intelligence because I haven’t arrived in 2 years, and I have problems with my breast, and my breast has had lumps of ASI since my first child was born in 22 days, what will my breasts be if I have to let my second child be born? The surgeon said when my child was 9 months old it was okay if there were no strange signs appearing pus / pain. Tok asked for help to be answered,

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Hello Mother, thank you for asking

Previously congratulations on your pregnancy yaa Mother. Pregnancy while still breastfeeding indeed makes worry, in addition because the distance is too close effect on child care patterns, also many mothers are worried about the growth of the first child due to decreased milk production. Pregnancy hormone will affect the production of breast milk, then during breastfeeding will emerge other hormones that affect uterine contractions. So it could be during breastfeeding, the uterus will contract.

Even so, pregnant women may still breastfeed because the contractions produced are not too strong. Breast milk production will still be good if you continue to breastfeed. Because by continuing to breastfeed, then it will stimulate the brain to order the mammary glands to continue producing milk. How about the quality? ASI will remain of good quality and in accordance with the nutritional needs of your first child until he turns 2 years old and will not reduce the intelligence of your first child. So you don't need to worry too much and stress. Excessive stress conditions will actually reduce milk production and also risk your womb that is still young.

Clotting of breast milk can occur if the production of breast milk is not balanced with the frequency of emptying the breast, if this happens it will hinder the process of removing milk to cause a lump in the breast. This condition is known as plugged ducts. A typical symptom of plugged ducts is a lump that often appears painful when pressed. Usually the lumps that occur on plugged ducts will improve by breastfeeding the child regularly while compressing the breast using warm water.

If the lump does not feel painful, it can also occur due to other possibilities, i.e.

 FAM (Fibroadenoma mammae) Breast cyst Lipoma intraductal Papoma In connection with the corona virus pandemic, postpone treatment to the surgeon until the government has declared safe, because it is not urgent. Then you can continue to breastfeed your first child. If by breastfeeding your stomach feels painful and disturbing contractions, then stop the process of breastfeeding until the contractions stop. If the pain continues and is unbearable until it blots or blood, then immediately go to the ER or obstetrician to get the right treatment.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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